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  • PhotographNameDepartment and Specialism
    Alexandra Kosinova Conservation
    History of Pigments
    Albert Traby Urios
    Practical Conservation
    Kim Amis Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
    Sculpture, modelling and casting
    Kim AmisKim Amis Fine Art Sculpture
    Kim AmisKim Amis Historic Carving
    Kim AmisKim Amis Conservation
    Plaster Casting
    Dr Alice Andrews Humanities
    Shahzad Asghar
    Finance Manager
    Andrew Bannister
    Head of Fine Art Sculpture
    Kiera Bennett Fine Art Painting
    Nina BilbeyNina Bilbey Historic Carving
    Senior Stone Carving Tutor
    Ed Budge
    Admissions Officer
    Tony CarterTony Carter
    School Principal
    Niamh Clancy Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
    Design (Print, Silk-Screen)
    Laura ClarkeLaura Clarke Print Room
    John Clayman
    Fine Art Sculpture
    Drew Cole Technical Support Staff
    Wood & Metal Workshop Technician
    Tim Crawley Historic Carving
    Head of Historic Carving
    Dainis Dauksta Conservation
    Wood Microscopy
    Teresita Dennis Fine Art Painting