Honorary Awards

The Art School’s Honorary Awards recognise the exceptional contribution made by individuals to either the Art School or to wider society, and are awarded on an annual basis. We would like to thank and celebrate the achievements of these remarkable individuals who have had such an important impact on the Art School or the cultural world.

ART SCHOOL HONORARY MEDAL: an award recognising the outstanding contribution of current or recently retired staff, students or alumni to the Art School.

Teresita Dennis
Oli Epp
Nell Nicholas

ART SCHOOL FELLOW: an award which celebrates significant contributions made to the Art School, usually through achievements in Art, Craft, Heritage or Materiality, education or pedagogy.

Dick Onians
Assoc Prof John Wigley

ART SCHOOL HONORARY FELLOW: the Honorary Fellow title is given to those who have made outstanding national or international contributions to Art, Craft, Heritage or Materiality, education or pedagogy.

Prof Norman Ackroyd CBE
Rosy Greenlees OBE
Robin Holland-Martin
Prof Roger Kneebone
Sandra Smith

EMERITA/US PROFESSOR: this title is conferred through our validating partner Ravensbourne University London to an individual who has a distinguished career, has held or holds a professor title, and is no longer working at the University.

Tamiko O’Brien


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