Stone Carving Student Deserves a Medal

We are thrilled to announce that third year stone carving student, Sue Aperghis, has been awarded a place on the New Medallist Scheme from the British Art Medal Society (BAMS), for her medal design entitled ‘Seven Summits’.

Her design is inspired by Mallory and Irvine’s fateful attempt at conquering Everest in 1924. Dressed in just tweed clothing and crampon-less boots, the pair were unsuccessful in their mountaineering challenge.

Everest isn’t as much of a challenge to today’s adventurers with modern equipment and experienced guides, but perhaps a comparative feat would be the Seven Summits Challenge. The challenge is to conquer the worlds seven highest peaks and reach the North and South poles unaided.

Sue’s medal design is in recognition of this act of incredible human endurance, which she feels should be more publicly acknowledged.

The New Medallist Scheme provides Sue with a three-week placement in a medal-making course at a college abroad or an international medal workshop, one week’s work experience in the engraving department of the Royal Mint, access for one week to the medal collections of the British Museum  under the supervision of a curator of medals, and one year BAMS membership.

Earlier this year, Sue won Eric Gill Society Lettering Prize which was part of BAMS Student medal Project, for her piece highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by those with dyslexia.


We would like to congratulate Sue for her brilliant work and look forward to seeing her stone carvings in the Degree Show, 25-30 June 2019.



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